North American Baptist Conference
Encounter Church is affiliated with the North American Baptist Conference. The NAB has its international headquarters in Roseville, California and serves affiliate churches which exist in the United States and Canada. The NAB is a conference of churches, rather than a denomination, which means that each church is autonomous, but joins together with other like minded churches to achieve local and global missional causes. The NAB is also a mission sending agency with missionaries who serve in Serbia, Russia, Romania, Philippines, Japan, Cameroon, Mexico, Brazil, Hungary, and in different parts of Asia.
NOR-CAL Association
Within the North American Baptist Conference, we are connected to the NOR-CAL Association of Churches. Our region of churches come together for three purposes: (1) Starting new churches. (2) Resourcing Congregations. (3) Developing Leaders. Since each church in our conference is autonomous, there are two primary benefits in networking with one another.
First, we see value in partnering with other churches to achieve things through church planting and developing leaders that we could not do as effectively on our own. Secondly, we sacrifice for one another both financially and spiritually so as to more effectively advance the Kingdom of God. Encounter Church is the product of both financial and spiritual sacrifices other churches in our region have made to birth and grow our church.


City Pastors Fellowship
City Pastors Fellowship brings the lead pastors of Sacramento area churches together for fellowship, encouragement, and inspiration.  This ministry connects the body of Christ together and reminds us that we share a common mandate to go and make disciples (Matthew 28:18-20; Acts 1:8).  This ministry helps build love and unity between both pastors and churches through out the region.  Together, we stand as one, trumpeting the message of the gospel in a city that desperately needs to hear and see the presence of the resurrected Jesus Christ.
Alliance Redwoods Conference Center
Located in the beautiful redwoods, Alliance Redwoods is an ideal location for retreat. Our men, women, and youth enjoy camp at Alliance Redwoods throughout the year. Since 1946, hundreds of churches and nonprofit organizations have found a retreat–whether for youth, men, women or families–as the perfect way to reconnect with God, apart from the hustle and bustle of everyday demands.


La Roca Ministries (Mexico)
La Roca Ministries and its staff have been reaching and touching people’s lives since 1998. People who have been devastated by poverty, neglect and despair. These people find themselves enslaved to drugs, alcohol, and prostitution and living on the streets of Tijuana, Mexico. Our desire is to mirror Christ’s love, compassion and concern to these people of all ages. It has been said, “give a person a fish and you feed him for a day. Teach him how to fish and you feed him for a life.” We believe in “teaching people how to fish”. We want to see lives transformed and we believe that comes through a personal relationship with Jesus Christ. Our program seeks to help rebuild lives by making disciples; raising up men, women and teens as future leaders and missionaries, and sending them forth to advance the Kingdom of God on earth.
Mexico Caravan Ministries (Mexico)
Mexico Caravan Ministries is a missions mobilization ministry. Their primary objective is the revelation of God’s heart for the world, the presentation of His plan for worldwide missions and the motivation of His people to take part in His global plan. Groups come from all over North America; spend a few days to a week learning about world missions and building homes for local families in need.
In June of 1984, David Burdette (a missionary with the Baptist General Conference) was working to plant churches in Tijuana. During this time, Dave was approached regarding a need that a local poor Mexican woman had. Alexandra, who was 8 months pregnant and had a mentally handicapped four-year old boy, had acquired a piece of land. However, she was going to lose her property if she did not construct a house on it soon. Dave agreed to construct a shelter for the family and engaged the help of Eddie Passmore and his youth group at Clairemont Emmanuel Baptist Church in San Diego. The rest is history and can be found here!
Encounter students and families spend a day with Caravan as they hear God’s heart for the lost around our globe and are inspired to fulfill the commission Christ left with His church. Along with the teaching, we build three to four homes for families in need.
CMA Global Missions (Laos)
The Christian & Missionary Alliance (CMA) denomination serves many global missional causes.  We are partnering with them to connect to the work that God is doing in the country of Laos.  Encounter Church has a vested interest in this country because many of the people who make up our church have family roots from this part of South East Asia.  By partnering with the CMA, we are connecting with existing and established ministries in this country.  Through a partnership with the CMA we envision sending future missionaries from our own church to serve to advance the Kingdom of God.  And through this partnership, we hope to better network with other Laos Ministries locally to reach people who now reside in the Sacramento area.