FLIPT - Forever Living In Christ Together
We are a community of believers in Christ who desire to know God more and love others.

Meets on Wednesdays from 7 - 9 PM
2408 Del Paso Road
Across from Inderkum, behind 5 Star Bank

Come early for dinner!

For more information contact:
Brian Jang
Kelsey Jang

FLIPT Leaders

Get to know more about what makes us different.

Our FLIPT Leaders are volunteers who love God and share their time sacrificially with students because they love God and His creation.  The goal for our small group leader is to grow with the students that come into this ministry.  They begin working with the incoming 7th grade students and move up each year as the students change grades. Our small group leaders are encouraged to have bible studies outside our regular FLIPT meeting times with the students in their small group.

Missional Objectives

To create an environment where students feel safe to be themselves, with no pretenses.
To present who Christ is, and what He has done for us.

To challenge students to make a personal commitment to Christ.

To equip and empower students to live authentically spiritual lives at home and at school.

Junior High Ministry
6th - 8th Grade

We understand that these are some of the most formable years in a young person's life. We are excited to offer special events during the course of the year that help junior high students feel like they have a place to belong, where they can connect with peers, while learning about Christ. Check the calendar to stay connected to events that are coming up.

Senior High Ministry
9th - 12th Grade

We believe that Senior High students are wrestling with understanding purpose, significance, and direction for their lives. They are looking for answers, while asking profoundly important questions. They are thinking independently, but unsure of what they can trust, or believe. Pessimism and uncertainty are spiritual obstacles to faith and obedience. We believe spiritual choices senior high students make can last a lifetime and will shape the trajectory their lives take.
There are many special events throughout the year that are designed to challenge and encourage high school students in their journey with Christ. Check the calendar to keep posted on upcoming events!